Galloper Wind farm Ltd

  • Client: BOW Terminal
  • Scope: Barge outfitting, seafastening, transport & overall supervision
  • Period: 2016

Galloper Wind farm Ltd

DEME have contracted SIF for the fabrication, storage and transport of 56 Monopiles (MP) and 56 Transition Pieces (TP) for the Galloper Wind farm. The Galloper project site is located 30 km offshore of the coast of Suffolk (UK).

For the Galloper Windfarm Q3 Heavy Lift assist with two barge trips from SIF Rotterdam to BOW Terminal Flushing. Per barge two (2) 1000Ts Monopiles were roll-on two barges and transported to Flushing. Scope of work:

  • Chartering of vessel, barges and tugs
  • Engineering : Study for Roro facilities, barge outfitting, seafastenings, mooring calculations and method – statements
  • Modification and installation of transport and seafastening craddles
  • Seafastening
  • Overall supervision for the on site and marine transport