About us

Joined forces of expertise

Q3 Heavy Lift specializes in cost efficient and effective solutions for on- and off-shore logistical services. We gained our knowledge as experienced heavy transport and freight forwarding specialists over many decades and have effectively evolved into a full service logistics supplier able to manage all your complete Heavy Cargo, Heavy Lift projects and challenges.

Q3 Heavy Lift has in-depth knowledge and experience in lifting, installation, securing and transporting unusual and out-of-gauge cargo types such as chemical installations, off shore piping-equipment and wind park turbines. Each individual project requires meticulous pre-haul planning and engineering and proper thought through preparation.

Our dedicated team of specialists have the required industry knowledge and hands-on experience to ensure each project is delivered with specifications successfully and efficiently. We know how. Our primary added value is to unburden our clients by offering a wide range of services from total transport and installation solutions to complete operational site and terminal management.

Q3 Heavy Lift takes full responsibility and supervision and we are only satisfied when your precious materials and equipment have reached their destination safely, in time and within budget. With a vast international network of dedicated partners we are able to execute your project swift, safe and efficient, every time, everywhere.

Floris Bomers & Vincent de Wilde

Founding Fathers of Q3 Heavy Lift

45 years of combined experience


Q3 Heavy Lift provides top level services to enable its customers to outperform in their field or industry. Our services will always be conducted under strictest safety procedures and add value to our customers’ activities, maximising uptime and performance and minimising operational costs.


Q3 Heavy Lift aims to be a turnkey process management partner that provides innovative and integrated solutions of the highest quality for complex logistical challenges. Leading by example and always keeping the promise of getting things done, safely, on time and within budget.


Cooperation and partnership is the key to success in all our operations. We are always in search for ways to perform our services in a smarter, safer, more efficient and sustainable way. Being experienced professionals with a passion for the trade we strive to unburden our clients by the power to listen, act and resolve.



Hands-on experienced professionals with a passion for the Heavy Logistics. Up for any challenge!



We can provide a complete package of services. Rely on our experienced staff to unburden you from A- to Z.



Our extensive technical and operational know-how, needed to deliver proper solutions, is your added value!



We offer round the clock services and 24/7 support to secure maximum uptime to keep you ahead of the competition.