Transport three 190 Ts silo's

  • Client: Aluchemie
  • Scope: Transport three 190 Ts Silo's
  • Status: Augustus 2023

Transport three 190 Ts Silo’s by SPMT’s

As of February 2023, the Aluchemie plant in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has been closed – so it needs to be dismantled. The silos on location had been operational until the end of 2022, and now needed to be transported to their new home.

It was just the job for the teams of Van der Goes Groep, Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff, Q3 Heavy Lift, Autokrane Schares GmbH and Bonn & Mees.

The oil and gas industry is well-known territory for us. We have been involved in on-site logistics for many projects, from building new facilities to transporting steel and goods.

So, when Van der Goes Groep and Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff asked us to assist in the transport of three silos from a closed factory in the Botlek harbour area, Netherlands, the team was more than happy to help.

Van der Goes Groep dismantled the silos and we configurated a 2×12 SPMT axle line. With those, we could jack up the silos by using load spreaders. The SPMTs were delivered by Autokrane Schares.

With our trained and experienced operator Pascal Hilgers we were able to ride the 190-tonne silos approximately 800 m to the quayside in less than 30 minutes. From the quayside they were lifted by Bonn & Mees’ Matador 3 for the short trip to their new temporary location.

Another impressive project executed safely, on time and to the customer’s expectations.